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Related services

Do you want to sell the entire company or its part?

Are you looking for a strategic investor?

Are you dealing with someone about a company sale and you need to advise and review the process?

Not every sale of company requires publishing. Published information about a company sale can sometime substantially reduce its price (typically in the case of narrow-profile products or services of a personal nature, when there are only a few companies on the market – when information about a company sale or finding for investor is published, an outflow of customers in favour of competitors can happen).

The next procedure is very individual, depending on the seller’s wish. By default, we always start with a contract of cooperation and assessment of the selling price. The following step is the realization of a selling strategy, addressing potential buyers or investors.

During the company sale, we perform a corporate audit for the processing of information about the company which is sold, and this audit includes following activities:

  • Analysis of property, liabilities and receivables of the company (property categorization, check of the property liquidity, utilization options, etc.)
  • Financial analysis (ratio or difference indicators)
  • Tax analysis (evaluation of tax risks, possibilities of tax concessions, etc.)
  • Legal analysis (evaluation of the legal relations within which the company is sold, from the point of view of a commercial law, a civil law, a labour law and possibly a criminal law)
  • Personnel analysis (analysis of the employee structure, solution of problems connected with overemployment, creation of labour-law documents, for example employment and management contracts, internal organizational regulations, etc.)
  • Software analysis (evaluation of used information technologies)

The aim of the corporate audit during the company sale is to eliminate the existing risks and avoid them. An assessment of low price, legal disputes, poor formulation of contractual agreements belong to the biggest difficulties. These risks can be minimized only by a perfectly managed sale agenda. During the company sale, we guarantee the formation of such hedging instruments which guarantee the success of the transaction.

Crisis management

Crisis management of the company starts in the moment when the company heads outwardly uncontrollably toward bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings, but in fact it has the potential to avoid this fate. In contrast to revitalization, the change of the company management is unavoidable during the crisis management. The crisis management, which has a little time for everything, starts. A little time creates a fundamental difference between the crisis management and a revitalization. Radical solutions which hurt and are irreversible are needed during the crisis management.

The task of the crisis management is a prevention of bankruptcy and a stabilization of the company. Nothing more, nothing less. We assume all the operations associated with the crisis management. We will always let you know in advance what we intend to do and the essential decisions are discussed with you.

Are you a creditor and do not know how to proceed against the bankrupt?

The current Insolvency Act (which has replaced the Bankruptcy and Settlement Act) does not give any chance of creditors’ succeeding without legal knowledge. One example: The application of the sophisticated financial claim (it means that you cannot already formulate the requisites arbitrarily) – if you make a mistake at the amount of money, you can become a debtor from a creditor very quickly! Yes, even this is possible according to the current legislation.

We are ready to take over the agenda related to the position of the insolvency creditor, to prepare the necessary documents and to represent you in the insolvency proceedings at the same time. We can also recommend you the insolvency trustee, because insolvency creditors can change the insolvency trustee’s name.

Real estate consulting

For most people, buying or selling a real estate is the biggest financial operation in their lives. Everyone understands that it is necessary to approach this act cautiously.

A serious real estate agency has to guarantee that client’s often lifetime savings will not be lost. Practically, it means, for example, that a deposition of a purchase price by the client during a real estate purchase should be made at the notary, not in a real estate agency, as usually happens. The client must not receive the purchase contract on the day of its signature, but sufficiently in advance for study, etc.

Our company offers and ensures a complete service related to your real estate, you can find here the most frequently used services:

Real estate inspection – this procedure consists of looking for legal and actual defects of property. Legal defects are obstacles that burden and degrade the property, and they are not always easy to be found. For example, the encumbrance, the lien, the lease relationship and others belong to the legal defects. The actual defects are specific tangible property failures, such as bad statics, non-functional distribution systems, leaking, and others.

Arranging of expert’s opinion and market estimate – you cannot do a real estate transfer without it.

Mediation of a real estate transfer – regardless to if it is a house, a flat, land, non-residential premises or other type of a real estate, a precise timetable is always given: a personal contact with the client, an inspection of a real estate, a solution of financing, a negotiation of contractual documentation, a contract conclusion, a deposit into the Land Register, a price payment and a real estate transfer, a fulfilment of the tax liability.

Preparation of contractual documentation – the competent layer will draw up a necessary contract, always individually solved in relation to the requirements of the contracting parties. We do not deal only with purchase contracts (also known as contracts for the transfer of a real estate), but by default we prepare contracts about future contracts, rent and lodgings contracts, contracts for the transfer of member rights in a housing association (for the transfer of cooperative flats), gift agreements, contracts about an encumbrance, pledge contracts, exchange contracts, contracts related to property relations within a married couple, contracts related to real estates within property owned by entrepreneur and other contracts according to the client’s requests.

Preparation of a proposal for the right deposit into the Land Register – in the case of the transfer of the proprietary right or if a real estate is burdened by the right of a third party, a contract has to be submitted into the Land Register accompanied by a proposal for a deposit.

Real estate management – we provide everything necessary for domestic and foreign clients, it means that we provide properly concluded contractual relationships and their compliance, records and collection of payments, insurance, maintenance and repairs, accountancy management.

Representation in a dispute – we will provide a legal representation and consulting during disputes and litigations. A reasonable agreement with the other party is not possible every time and there are some cases, when the other party does not want to arrange. Then it is better to render this problem to layers and be easy about it.

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