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Founding Company:

Enter the Czech market.
With us it is simpler than you think.
A company in the Czech Republic within 10 days.

Founding company

We will provide you everything what you will need. From the first contact with us, you can have your own company in ten days anywhere in the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Poland.

We can also offer you the sale of a READY MADE company.

We will advise you

  • what legal form should be used for your new company
  • we will find if a chosen company name is not occupied
  • we will arrange all the documents
  • we will help you to choose a suitable business subject
  • we will propose the correct amount of the basic share capital and the method of its repayment
  • we will arrange a notary
  • we will visit the Trade and Finance Authority
  • we will ensure the registration in the Commercial Register
  • we will arrange a seat of a new company.

Recruiting employees

We will help you with personnel filling of a new company (usually for joint-stock companies and limited liability companies), we will provide you the contact with loyal and professional staff.

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